The IBR-2 reactor hall

Virtual excursion on the complex of spectrometers of the IBR-2 pulsed reactor

The IBR-2 reactor with its unique technical approach produces one of the most intense neutron fluxes at the moderator surface among the world's reactors: ~1016 n/cm2/s, with a power of 1850 MW in pulse.

Nevertheless, the reactor is "ecologically friendly": it consumes very little electrical energy as compared to other research reactors, uses a very little amount of fuel (less than 20 l) which is changed once in 15-20 years.

The reactor operates continuously for a 12 day cycle followed by a shutdown to prepare for the next experiments. In addition, there is a longer shutdown to carry out necessary maintenance work during the summer time. Normally there are about 9 cycles a year.

Archive of monitoring data of IBR-2 power