"Ion beam positioning and stabilization system for the EG-5 accelerator"
Luis Miguel Ledo-Pereda,V.N. Semenov, V.S. Rikhvitsky, A.N. Likhachev, R.Sh. Isaev, A.S. Doroshkevich


In the frame of the EG-5 accelerator modernization project, and joint work with Mikron JSC, Zelenograd and Angstrem JSC, Zelenograd, the authors of the report developed a proton beam scanning system for irradiating silicon wafers with a diameter of 150 mm. On the basis of the electrostatic accelerator (ESA) EG-5, together with the employees of JSC NPP ESTO,  Zelenograd, an automated system was developed, manufactured and debugged for performing the technological operation of ion implantation of silicon wafers for the production of power electronics.


Fig. 1. Appearance and location of the installation elements.