On 7 September, 2023, a successful defense of the graduate qualifying papers of the postgraduate students of the Department of Nuclear Physics Materials Science of the Institute of Physics of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University was held. It is one of the JINR-based Departments at Russian universities, founded in 2017.

The two FLNP staff members Bulat Bakirov and Olga Lis are among them. They have worked on their papers at DNICM FLNP.

We wish them further success!

Detailed information in the attached file

The deadline for accepting is October 1, 2023.



The new website of the Laboratory is available at https://flnp.jinr.int/en-us/ 

Registration is open for the Kurchatov Forum for Synchrotron and Neutron Research (“Kurchatov FSNR 2023”) that will be held in Moscow on 24 – 27 October, 2023.

The Forum consists of three sections (S):

S1 “Advanced synchrotron and neutron research”;

S2 “Scientific results obtained at experimental stations for synchrotron and neutron research” - 2.1: Materials science; Subsection 2.2: Biology and life sciences; 2.3: Cultural heritage

S3 “Concept and scientific programme of the synchrotron and laser complex “SILA” - 3.1: Conceptual designs and scientific programmes of experimental stations of the first stage of the SR source; 3.2: Conceptual designs and scientific programmes of experimental stations of the first stage of the free electron laser.

In addition, the “Kurchatov FSNR 2023” programme includes:

  • Two microsymposiums: “Development of a scientific programme for the development of neutron research in the Russian Federation” and “Scientific programme of the RIF and TNC “Zelenograd” projects;
  • Two round tables: “Industrial application of mega-class facilities” and “Joint training of personnel for the development of synchrotron and neutron research”.

An application to participate in the Forum as a participant or listener can be submitted here

“The Kurchatov FSNR 2023” will be held within the framework of the International Scientific and Technological Forum of Convergent and Nature-Like Technologies (http://nrcki.ru/product/press-nrcki/-47856.shtml), (http://nrcki.ru/product/press-nrcki/-47856.shtml) that is organized by NRC "Kurchatov Institute".

Registration deadline – 1 October, 2023

We invite you to take part in the forum "India-JINR: at the forefront of fundamental and applied research" (JINR, Dubna, 16-18 October 2023)

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